Data Standards Life-Cycle Process

The ENLC creates, adopts, implements, and maintains environmental data standards. The development process is collaborative, flexible, and adaptable to changes in technology and evolving Partner relationships. The life cycle of a data standard is presented here and in the figure ENLC Data Standards Life-Cycle.

  1. ENLC forwards a request to develop a data standard to the NTB.
  2. NTB provides a list of requests to ENLC for review and prioritization.
  3. NTB commissions a feasibility analysis, when necessary, for approved areas of work. Contractor support may be used to conduct feasibility analyses. The feasibility analysis may consist of a brief discussion or a more significant analysis.
  4. Feasibility analysis is conducted. This includes a review of any related standards’ status, maturity, and utility, and other relevant factors.
  5. NTB reviews the feasibility analysis and makes recommendations to the ENLC to:
    – Proceed with data standards development
    – Request additional information
    – Postpone the development due to resource limitations or priorities
    – Reject the request because the business need is not compelling, costs are prohibitive to Partners, or for other reasons
  6. NTB notifies the requestor of the ENLC’s decision.
  7. If the decision is to proceed, the NTB commissions the tasking of staff and budget to support the development of the data standard. This includes:
    – Forming an Action Team;
    – Developing an Action Team charter and a schedule of key milestones;
    – Securing the necessary support, including meeting facilitation, travel support, and technical contractor assistance;
    – Establishing an online work site;
    – Notifying Exchange Network Partners that a standard development process is underway.
  8. Action Team develops the draft standard through a series of conference calls, emails, and meetings.
  9. NTB notifies the ENLC when the draft standard is ready for technical review.
  10. NTB facilitates development of communication materials and coordinates with Partners to ensure proper notification for the technical review.
  11. NTB distributes the draft to other(non Partner) technical reviewers.
  12. NTB, in consultation with its Partners, facilitates the receipt and resolution of technical comments with the Action Team.
  13. Action Team revises the draft as appropriate and submits to the NTB for approval.
  14. Action Team, with NTB support, prepares final documents (including a draft FR Notice) and communication materials for public review in the Federal Register.
  15. NTB briefs the ENLC on the data standard.
  16. ENLC approves the data standard for public review.
  17. NTB facilitates publication in the Federal Register through EPA and coordinates communication with Partners.
  18. NTB facilitates resolution of received comments with the Action Team, including any needed communication with commenters and documentation in a comment resolution matrix.
  19. The comment resolution matrix is made available to the Exchange Network community on the collaborative site.
  20. Action Team prepares final data standard documents and communication materials.
  21. Action Team forwards final draft data standard to NTB for review and approval. The NTB may request further revisions.
  22. Action Team, in consultation with the NTB, briefs the ENLC that a final standard is ready for adoption.
  23. NTB forwards final standard to ENLC for review and approval. The ENLC may request further revisions.
  24. NTB facilitates development of communication materials and coordinates with Partners to ensure proper notification of ENLC adoption of a new data standard.

Once the ENLC approves a data standard:

  1. NTB facilitates posting of the final data standard on the Exchange Network website.
  2. Action Team develops shared XML schema components.
  3. Action Team forwards shared XML schema components to NTB.
  4. NTB reviews and approves shared XML schema components and facilitates their posting to the XML registry.
  5. Action Team members compile Lessons Learned and submits to the NTB.
  6. NTB disbands Action Team.