Register a Node or Data Services with ENDS

What is Service Registration?

Registration is a process where nodes and data publishing services are described in a central location.

Why is Registration Important?

By registering Node and data publishing services, data providers enable other interested parties to discover services that are available.  

What is ENDS?

The Exchange Network Discovery Service (ENDS) is the mechanism used by the Exchange Network to provide service registration. ENDS provides an automated system of Exchange Network service description, cataloging and discovery. Node 2 defines a core primitive method called GetServices that all nodes must implement. This service is designed to return an XML schema describing every query, solicit, execute, and submit service that the node offers. EPA has implemented an ENDS 2.0 Node that can poll the GetServices method on every Exchange Network node to collect and catalog the responses in a central service repository available to all Partners. Once fully populated, this central repository will allow browsing of the Exchange Network and enable a single Node Client to consume all services published by Network nodes.

How to Register Nodes and Data Publishing Services

ENDS requires Partners to implement the GetServices v2.0 XML schema and to configure the ENDS 2.0 exchange on their nodes. The GetServices 2.0 Schema is the last piece of the Node 2 Specifications to be released. All Version 2 nodes return an instance document of the GetServices schema with any GetServices response message. Partners not yet using Node v2.1 or who would like to manually register their services in ENDS should visit the ENDS Registration Service. A valid NAAS ID will be needed add a Node and its services.  Additional resources include:

The EN Browser also publishes instructions for data publishers on how to ensure information published in ENDS can be viewed in the EN Browser.  For more information, review EN Browser: How to Publish Data.