eDWR Converter Tool

The eDWR XML Schema-to-SDWIS/State Sampling Via EDI Converter is a tool for any State that wishes to implement an e-Reporting solution for laboratory analysis results and also uses SDWIS/State to manage their drinking water data.

The converter works by applying an XML stylesheet to the e-DWR XML files submitted from labs to convert them to the Sampling Via EDI flat file format, which then allows the submissions to be imported into SDWIS/State.

The converter can be downloaded here.  The converter documentation can be downloaded here.

States that do not wish to write their own conversion routine can use the tool to convert files from e-DWR to EDI, then import the EDI files to SDWIS/State.

States that do wish to incorporate the conversion directly into their e-Reporting solution can download the XML stylesheet for inclusion into their own program. Since the converter is written in XML stylesheet, it is open-source and can be viewed and modified as needed.

In addition to converting files, the tool can validate e-DWR XML files. So States or laboratories that do not have SDWIS/State can use the tool to validate their e-DWR XML files.

Laboratories that are required to submit to both eDWR XML States and EDI States can still prepare all of their submissions in the e-DWR format, then use the online tool to convert their files to EDI format.

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