Core Reference Model

The Core Reference Model (CRM) is a high-level depiction of major groupings of environmental data and their relationships. It was created to provide Federal, State, Territorial, and Tribal environmental agencies with guidance for consistently building and sharing environmental data on the Exchange Network. By providing a high-level environmental data model that accommodates a variety of environmental topics, the CRM facilitates the creation of Data Exchange Templates (DET) such as XML schema for any variety of environmental data exchanges that share common components. The CRM, in conjunction with data standards, facilitates the creation of Shared XML Schema Components (SSC), which are basic XML building blocks that can be used by those designing, revising, or expanding environmental information exchanges via XML schema creation.

Current Version: 2.0

Publication Date: May 16, 2006

Previous Versions: Core Reference Model v1.0 | CRM v1.0 Intro Letter

Related NOB Decision Memorandum: 2005-02: Shared Schema Component Usage

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