Radiation Data IPT

The Radiation Data Transfer Integrated Project Team (IPT) will define a common approach for electronically sharing radiation data via the Exchange Network. The IPT will define the requirements, workflow, data elements, XML schemas, web services, and other resources necessary to support the automated exchange of radiation data. The IPT will build a data exchange that fully meets the needs of the RadResponder Network. The IPT will also consider other potential use cases and data-sharing scenarios and strive to build a data exchange that is versatile enough to also support these other needs.  The Radiation Data Exchange will:

  1. Allow EN Partners to automatically and routinely contribute data to RadResponder and
  2. Enable EN Partners to voluntarily share radiation data with other interested data consumers.

The data exchange will help Partners ensure that RadResponder includes a more comprehensive and timely data set to support rapid and efficient emergency responses. It will also help streamline the process of providing access to radiation data and reduce the burden of responding to ad hoc data requests.

The Radiation Data IPT Charter was approved by the Exchange Network Leadership Council on June 19, 2014.

The IPT convened its Kick-Off Call on August 29, 2014.


Sara Decair (EPA Co-Chair)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
decair.sara [at] epa.gov

Patrick Mulligan (State Co-Chair)
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
patrick.mulligan [at] dep.nj.gov