REST Guidance

The REST Guidance provides information for implementing RESTful web services for environmental information. Exchange Network Governance strongly recommends following this REST Guidance to simplify the discovery and consumption of RESTful web services through standardized design, documentation, and registration. These recommendations are relevant for data providers implementing REST services either as an extension of their Exchange Network Node (i.e., providing a REST interface for an existing Network Query service) or through a separate application.

The Guidance describes how a data provider can maximize the usability of REST services by adhering to URL and documentation standards. For maximum benefit to consumers, data providers should adhere to the URL and documentation standards whenever possible and also register the services with the Exchange Network Discovery Service (ENDS). If a REST service provider is unable or chooses not to use the URL standard, it is still beneficial to implement the standardized documentation and service registration.

Current Version: 1.1

Release Date: May 28, 2013