Detailed Design Guidance

Exchange Network Partners may have a business need not currently met by an existing Data Exchange. When creating a new Data Exchange, Partners must specify what data they wish to exchange and with whom, and then develop XML schemas and related resources and documentation. The following documents are designed to assist developers building or revising Data Exchanges. 

Requirements for New and Revised Data Exchanges

These materials contain requirements for building Data Exchanges that are fully functional and adequately documented. Developers must familiarize themselves with these requirements.

Document Date Version
Exchange Documentation Package Preparation and Review Process June 26, 2013 3.0b
Exchange Design Rules and Conventions January 12, 2010 1.0
XML Schema Design Rules and Conventions January 12, 2010 2.0
Flow Configuration Document Template October 30, 2008 2.0
Data Exchange Template June 27, 2006 1.0
Exchange Network Trading Partner Agreement Procedure August 22, 2013 1.1
Exchange Network Header July 9, 2008 2.0

Supplemental Guidance Materials

These materials may be also helpful for developers. They do not, however, contain requirements.

Document Date Version
Exchange Design Guidance and Best Practices August 3, 2006 1.2
Trading Partner Agreements: Analysis and Best Practices May 14, 2004 N/A
Schematron Validation and Guidance July 20, 2007 1.0
Shared Schema Components (ZIP File) May 16, 2006 2.0
Shared Schema Components Usage Guide May 16, 2006 2.0
Shared Schema Components Technical Reference May 16, 2006 2.0
XML Schema Architecture Report July 8, 2004 N/A
Hierarchical vs. Relational XML Schema Designs June 2006 N/A

Archived Materials – For Reference Only

These documents have been deprecated. They are presented here for reference only.

Document Date Version
Change Management Principles, Rules, and Procedures February 19, 2009 1.1
Flow Documentation Checklist December 5, 2007 2.0
Namespace Organization, Naming, and Schema File Location March 6, 2006 1.11
Exchange Network Core Reference Model September 11, 2005 2.0