Shared Information Technology and Data Services (Shared Services)

Shared services enable resources to be leveraged across an entire enterprise, resulting in lower costs with agreed upon customer-service levels. The following E-Enterprise and Exchange Network shared services are available or in development.

Shared Technology Services

Shared CROMERR Services – Services that identity-proof and validate users for the purposes of non-repudiation.

Virtual Exchange Services – In order to send automated electronic messages from machine to another over the internet, software must be installed at each receiving location (endpoint or node).

Environmental Dataset Gateway (EDG) – A set of services to help data stewards comply with requirements and to help end users discover and access datasets. 

Data Services

Data Standards – Data standards are a means to promote the efficient sharing of environmental information among EPA, States, Territories, Tribes, local governments, the private sector, and other information trading Partners.

Facility Registry Services (FRS) REST API – EPA’s Facility Registry System (FRS) offers a RESTful API to allow partners to share their integrated facility/site data with FRS.

Substance Identification Lookup Services – Various services, including a website, multiple Web services, and a widget that a program or its customers can use to correctly identify a substance, including its scientific name and standard name.

Tribal Identification Lookup Services – Web services that a program or its customers can use to correctly identify the Federally recognized Tribes, as published by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

NAICS Lookup Service – Web services that allow look up of NAICS codes or business types.

Programmatic Services

Integration with Compliance Data – Integration with compliance data from the ECHO (Enforcement and Compliance History Online) widget, downloadable data sets, and other related data sources.

Real-Time Air Quality Data – EPA, NOAA, NPS, State, Territorial, Tribal, and local agencies developed the AIRNow Web site to provide the public with easy access to national air quality information.

Access to Enhanced Monitoring Data – The Advanced Monitoring component of E-Enterprise and the  Next Generation Compliance initiative will include: the use of modern monitoring technology to detect pollution problems.

Be Well Informed Application  – Provides homeowners with information about the condition of their well water.