Convening an Integrated Project Team

Exchanges are typically designed by an Integrated Project Team (IPT) that helps develop ideas, scope the exchange, and develop exchange-related products. There are no strict rules for forming an IPT, but it helps to have a range of perspectives and expertise in both program and technical areas. A model IPT might include:

  • Business area experts from two or more organizations, each with a programmatic interest in the data,
  • Technical experts familiar with the data systems of each of the pilot data exchange partners, and
  • Technical experts familiar with XML schema design and Exchange Network technologies and standards.

Scope Requirements

The IPT begins by developing the scope of the exchange, including:

  • The type of exchange: regular submissions from one Partner to another, or data publishing that allows Partners to pull data from each other’s Nodes (some hybrid exchanges draw on both), and
  • Key overarching design items, including the data exchange design and architecture, what data will be exchanged, the frequency of transactions, and other items.