Developing XML Schemas

All exchanges on the Network require XML schemas. The guidance documents listed in this section provide information on XML schemas and describe Exchange Network schema design rules and standards. Compliance with these design rules, incorporation of data standards, and the use of shared schema components will promote interoperability and efficiency.

Collaboration, standardization, and reuse are central features of the Exchange Network. Before you begin developing schemas for a new data exchange, please consult the Data Exchange section of this site or consult an Exchange Network contact to ensure that you do not recreate something that already exists.

Rules for Schema Developers

These materials contain requirements for building Exchange Network schemas that are fully functional and adequately documented. Developers should familiarize themselves with these documents prior to building or revising XML schema for use in a data exchange. For additional help, see the supplemental information below.

Document Date Version
XML Schema Design Rules and Conventions (DRCs) January 12, 2010 2.0

Exchange Documentation Package Preparation and Review Process

December 13, 2012 3.0a

Supplemental Guidance Materials – Optional Reading

These materials may be helpful for developers of data exchanges. They do not contain any requirements.

Document Date Version
XML Schema Architecture Report July 8, 2004 N/A
Hierarchical vs. Relational XML Schema Designs June 2006 N/A

Network Partners updating or creating an exchange must perform a documented review of their schemas’ conformance with applicable Network standards and design rules. The purpose of this review is to maximize compatibility and opportunities for reuse. The review ensures the exchange uses Exchange Network standards and design rules and encourages the use of best practices. More information on the Schema Conformance and Flow Documentation Review process is available in the Knowledge Base.