NetDMR Use Cases

There are three ways for a Partner to use the NetDMR system:

  1. Partner Locally Hosts NetDMR Using the ICIS-NPDES Data Flows
  2. Partner Uses EPA-Hosted and -Maintained NetDMR (Federal instance)
    • Any Partner using ICIS-NPDES can decide to authorize its NPDES facilities to use NetDMR.
    • EPA operates and maintains NetDMR as part of ICIS.
    • Partner responsible for authorizing particular facilities to use NetDMR.
    • Partners participate in planning enhancements to NetDMR as part of ICIS-NPDES governance process.
  3. Partner Adopts NetDMR to Connect Directly to its Own NPDES Information System
    • Partner downloads and modifies NetDMR to connect to its own NPDES information system.
    • This replaces the four NetDMR ICIS-NPDES flows with internal data feeds.
    • Map Exchange Network data flows to the partner system instead of ICIS-NPDES
    • Implementers are responsible for all operation and maintenance costs.
    • Partners provide EPA with DMR data thru their normal processes.

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