Node 1.1

This information pertains to version 1.1 of the Node Functional Specification and is provided for reference only. The Node v1.1 specifications have been deprecated with the release of version 2 of the Node Functional Specification in 2008. All new development must comply with Node 2.

Node 1.1 Development Resources

Document Date Version
Network Node v1.1 Functional Specifications September 2003 1.1
Network Node v1.1 Protocol Document September 2003 1.1
Node Implementation Guide* April 25, 2003 1.0
Network Security Guidelines and Recommendations April 16, 2003 1.1
Schematron Validation and Guidance July 20, 2007 1.0
Secure Authentication Key Recommendations April 26, 2006 1.0

Node 1.1 Software

With the release of the Node 2.0 Functional Specifications in 2008, Node 1.1 software is no longer being made available.

Other Developer Tools

  • Java Flow Processor The Java Flow Processor is an extraction and transformation tool written in Java that is intended to simplify the deployment of Exchange Network data flows. It has an accompanying User’s Guide.
  • Software Developer Kit (SDK) The SDK is a COM object based tool to simplify Network interactions to a few lines of script code. It sets up a node client then builds Network messages for you dynamically as it runs the script.  It also has sample scripts for Network services. It can execute any WSDL-based service even Node 2.0 /Soap1.2 . (see example)
    1. Click here to download the kit
    2. Unzip and double click the file to install the SDK. It uses a standard install tool so just follow prompts
    3. It creates NodeClient2.0 directory containing:
      • Example scripts in NodeClient2.0Scripts directory
      • Debug logs etc in NodeClient2.0Logs directory
    4. execute example script (for calling any WSDL based services in this case a NAAS WSDL):

set myClient = CreateObject (“NodeClient”) myClient.SetCredential “cdx”, “test”,”” ‘set our SSL certificate file myClient.SetProperty “Certificate”, “NodeClientSSL.pem” ‘use local WSDL cache if any myClient.SetProperty “WSDLAge”, “23923932” ‘Set the WSDL address you are calling myClient.SetProperty “WSDLFile”, ”” ‘call the execute method to get the data rows = myClient.Execute(“ClearTransaction”,””,””)