Node 2

Node 2 represents the next generation of technologies and services that will power the Exchange Network. The most current version is Node 2.1.

Node 2 updated the Node software to be compatible with new Web Service technologies, fixed issues with Node 1.1, and provides new features and functionality. Until all existing data exchanges are rewritten to target the Node 2 platform, Partners will need to adapt each data exchange to operate in a Node 2 environment. Governance documented the necessary changes to many national regulatory data flows in a series of addenda to the Flow Configuration Documents (FCDs). More information is available in Node 2 FCD Compatibility Guideline Development. During implementation of Node 2, and the Exchange Network will continue to support Node 1.1.

Links to the most current Node 2 Functional Specification, Exchange Protocol, and Web Service Description Language File (WSDL) and guidance materials follow:

Document Date Version
Node 2 Business Value Guide    
Network Node Functional Specifications June 24, 2011 2.1
Exchange Network Protocol July 20, 2011 2.1
Exchange Network WSDL June 2, 2008 2.0
Get Services Schema April 6, 2009 2.0
Exchange Network Discovery Services Flow Configuration Document July 26, 2010 2.0a
Recipients Guidance June 2, 2008  
Node 2 Fact Sheet June 2, 2008  
Network Security Guidelines and Recommendations April 16, 2003 1.1
Schematron Validation and Guidance July 20, 2007 1.0
Secure Authentication Key Recommendations April 26, 2006 1.0