Shared Schema Components (SSC)

Network Partners have developed Shared Schema Components (SSCs) to promote reuse and consistency among data exchanges. SSCs are reusable XML schemas that organize data elements common to particular environmental data exchanges. Shared schema components incorporate standards for data element grouping, data element names, and definitions. They also improve the quality of exchanged data, by allowing schemas from multiple data exchanges to model the same environmental information consistently. Partners should use shared schema components in new data exchanges whenever possible.

The following files provide more information on existing shared schema components and include guidance on how to use them for new data exchanges.

Document Date Version
Shared Schema Components (ZIP File) May 16, 2006 2.0
Shared Schema Components Usage Guide May 16, 2006 2.0
Shared Schema Components Technical Reference May 16, 2006 2.0

Benefits of Shared Schema Components

  • Streamlined Schema Development: Developers of new exchanges do not have to work out definitions, standards, or relationships for data covered by SSCs. For example, a new exchange having anything to do with a facility or site, has a ready made list of SSCs (e.g., FacilitySiteIdentity, FacilityManagement, IndividualIdentity, etc.).
  • Stability: Because SSCs reflect data standards, the terms and organization within the SSCs are much more likely to remain stable and consistent than independently constructed flow-specific schema.
  • Data Quality: The use of SSCs can promote better data quality because they have consistent data definitions, standards, and relationships.
  • Extensibility: Developers can easily add value to the SSCs in cases where they notice that new data might be different from the SSCs. The effect of this is that the SSCs will grow and become more beneficial to schema developers.
  • Reusability: Partners that have integrated data systems can use previous data mapping efforts. For example, a Partner can reuse an exchange to EPA’s Facility Registry System (FRS) that already maps legacy Facility Site Identity information to the SSC for additional flows without much re-coding.
  • Promotion of Common Tools: SSCs’ consistent data structures allow Exchange Network partners to develop easily shared and extended applications and databases. Products that use SSCs will encourage the further use of SSCs and still more efficiency and consistency.